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Funny Faces Educational Puzzle

Funny Faces Educational Puzzle
  • Creativity
  • Develop emotional recognition
  • Exercise fine motor skills

There many games focus on exercising a person’s IQ however for young children it its important to develop their emotional intelligence as well. Face puzzles such as the Pic n Mix “Funny Faces” are designed to help children recognize emotions such as happy, surprise, angry, and sad. Young children need to understand how people around them are feeling to better communicate and interact with others. Creating empathy and understanding. Games and puzzles such as Funny Faces allows toddlers to move facial body parts around to create weird faces that emote specific feelings. Teaching children how to recognize emotions through hand-on learning exercises. They can mix and match the body parts until the final faces reflect a happy face, sad face, angry face and so much more.

Puzzles are a good way to break from the use of computers and other electronics an alternative pass time that works a person’s fine motor skills. Helping young children to learn to work with their hands as they are starting to develop their fine motor skills. Exercising their hand-eye coordination every time they pick up a puzzle piece and set it to the work surface. Funny Faces and other face puzzles alike are a never-ending fun since the combination of faces a person can make is endless and you get to pick and choose what type of face you want to make. Children get to practice their dexterity and fine motor skills while putting the faces together. Helping children build their confidence when doing other activities that require fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination such as practicing a sport or painting.

Another benefit of playing with Funny Faces and other similar face puzzles is that they foster a toddler’s creativity. Puzzles are a fun way to open up to the world of possibilities and imagine new things. There are many faces one can create. Children get to have fun creatively solving the puzzles not only working their right side of the brain but also their logical skills and problem-solving. Figuring how to put the pieces together they are actively thinking while learning about emotions. Funny Faces and similar puzzles are meant to inspire people to learn what others are feeling. A fun hobby or activity parents can do to bond with their young ones. Allowing to learn together and share a good time.

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