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Engine, Engine No. 9

Engine, Engine No. 9
  • Develop strategic thinking and decision-making skills
  • Foster problem solving
  • Works spatial recognition
  • Build social skills

There are many educational games that were inspired by childhood bedtime stories and nursery rhymes. The familiarity of the games comforts and excites a child as they play and learn. Educators and parents use these types of games to engage children in lessons and stimulate their brains. Games such as Engine, Engine No. 9 are a good way practice problem solving skills at a young age in an entertaining way. Children get to come up with plays to prevent their trains going off the trail exercising creative problem solving. Educators and parent can later copy same format to apply to the lessons to enhance problem-solving skills.

Moreover, board games are a good way to develop other cognitive skills. Engine, Engine No. 9 and other types of bord games can help children develop strategic thinking and decision- making skills. For example, players need to be careful about traffic jams since their trains can be bumped or going off rails. Players have three trains that they can move, and they choose which one to move on each turn. Making plans on how to move their trains safely to the finish line. Advanced version of the game offer tokens to control the moving tracks. Children get to decide their action plans and how they want to play helping build confidence in making strategies and executing their decisions.

Also, the way Engine, Engine No. 9 and similar board games are set up help children develop spatial recognition. The tracks are not straightforward, and the three colored tracks move by rolling of a die in the game which forces trains move into different directions. The players examine the tracks and the number of spaces they can use before moving a train. Players have to be aware of the course of the tracks to expect any obstacles or derails.

For young children, board games are visual aids for basic color and number recognition. Children learn how to count by doing these types hands-on exercises. Board games like Engine, Engine No. 9 makes these exercises entertaining and relaxed. Furthermore, board games bring everyone together to learn collectively. Helping children to interact with other players and developing social skills. Making a space for dialogue and sharing thoughts. Board games are unconventional tools that keep children actively thinking that doesn’t require much reading or writing and Engine, Engine No. 9 and similar games are designed to do so in enjoyable way.

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