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Benefits Of Active Minds Sight Words Magnets

Benefits Of Active Minds Sight Words Magnets
  • Engages motor skills
  • Encourages perception skills
  • Practices reading

Active Minds Sight Words Magnets is a pamphlet of magnetic words that can introduce reading and grammar to children at an early age. It engages them in these linguistic qualities, as well as the practice of perception skills alongside the use of there motor skills. This all adds up to be an educational experience that can be a subtle way to make reading fun.

Having a set of magnetic words can open a lot of opportunities for practicing reading. By either putting them on the refrigerator door or simply placing them on a magnetic surface, they can be arranged in any order or position. This helps them out linguistically to grab grammatic information while constructing sets of words that can go together. Reading helps improves memorization and concentration, which can be applicable when doing important chores or academic activities as well.

Each word must be placed in a specific order to complete sentences, each of them being identified with a different color makes doing that more engaging with the use of perception skills. Identifying what wants to be said takes a lot of thinking that can practice this. Lastly, the use of motor skills is practiced when placing each tile, accordingly, improving children’s hand eye coordination overall.

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