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Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest
  • Foster memory and matching skills
  • Practice number recognition and counting
  • Promote imagination and storytelling

Board games are more than antics to pass the time when you are bored. They have been proven to be great hands-on learning tools for children to participate in class. Parents and educators integrate these games to the class routine to work on cognitive skills. Enchanted Forest is one of many board games that are entertaining and educational. Keeping children engaged and actively listening, they get to learn through play. Enchanted Forest and similar games are fun way to learn and practice number recognition and counting. Using dice to move, players have to count the spaces before hand to make sure they land on the desired space. In Enchanted Forest and other games alike, has each die indicate a different move for the pawn prompting the players to exercise spatial skills. Having fun exploring the land and the trees.

These games are not only fun learning tools but also, a great way for everyone to come together. Enchanted Forest and similar games create scenarios to entertain the players. For example, there is a king who seeks the fairy-tale treasures, the pieces from the original stories are scattered throughout the forest. Alluring players with familiar fairy tales. Parents and educators make up new rules and other activities to help children develop their communication skills and imagination through retailing of the classic fairytales while playing. Players can use this time to tell the fairy tales and use their imagination to deduce why they lost the item in the forest. It is a good way to incentive children’s creativity in every activity while they have fun.

Mainly, Enchanted Forest and similar games are designed to test players memories. Regardless of your memory skills, these types of games challenge memory retention. Searching for specific items and turning each tree, players have to keep track of the treasures they found in each turned tree. It is important to exercise memory skills to expand the memory capacity to store more information. Memory skills are needed to learn and to do every day task. Exercising the memory helps thinking abilities to be more agile. Furthermore, these types of memory games help enhance matching skills as well. In Enchanted Forest and similar memory games, the players have to identify the tree that has the image that matches the top deck card. Looking for specific characteristics remembering their locations. Enchanted Forest and other board games can be played at any time for any occasion. Stimulating the mind and entertaining everyone.

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