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Viahart Brain Flakes

Viahart Brain Flakes
  • Engages motor skills
  • Encourages perception skills
  • Practices problem solving
  • Partakes in creative play
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The Viahart Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set introduces a world a creativity to children by having a set of connecting pieces to form whatever can be imagined. Upon building, different skills can be of use that can be educational for children. Some of these are the use of motor and perception skills, it also practices problem solving through creative play, constantly challenging children’s minds to think outside the box.

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Brain Flakes simple design opens doors to many toy constructions, children using their motor skills to accomplish this is key to having a mindful experience with each build. It encourages their hand-eye coordination when handling different objects as it assists in developing hands on skills with different types of objects when building or when using items such as utensils or pencils to write. Alongside this, the use of perception skills is used as well in the observation of each color or piece for the building process. Its use can help cognitive thinking by coming up with new ideas or taking the time to observe what can be created that is new.

The use of there creativity and imagination determines what is going to be made with the Brain Flakes. Being proactive with these skills can create confidence in children when facing new situations in their life as they learn how to solve different problems that may come their way. The Brain Flakes which comes with a booklet of things they can build with instructions, is a great way to practice this by having the capability to follow step by step what is said to accomplish something new.

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