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Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic Poetry
  • Practice spelling and build vocabulary
  • Fosters creativity
  • Develop reading and writing skills
  • Relief stress

Poetry can energize, inspire, and pull heartstrings with the wave of emotions their words carry. Better yet, poetry is a great tool for improving everyone’s reading and writing skills. There are many activities and games for educators to use to introduce poetry in a fun way. Parents and educators integrate poetry writing activities to class to foster children creative writing and self-expression; and reading poetry out loud helps with diction and public speaking. Also, poetry has been proven to help with reading comprehension. A fun poetry game to do is Magnetic Poetry. It is a set of magnets with words on them which players mix and match to create poems. Children learn how the to read and write poems by selecting and arranging words around and magnetic surface. Magnetic Poetry and similar activities help familiarize children with poetry in an entertaining hands-on learning activity.

Poetry games and exercises are a tool for everyone to participate in the class. As visual aids, Magnetic Poetry and other poetry games assist children in learning importance of punctuation and how to structure ideas. Syntax and spelling play a big role in learning poetry. Using poetry to understand English grammar is fundamental for learning and it builds up vocabulary. Poetry doesn’t have the same rules or structures as prose of other literary genres. Children explore and try different syntax structures as they build each verse. Practicing new vocabulary and identifying literary devices. Plus, the diverse words available in Magnetic Poetry sets makes for fun poems and stories. Fostering a child’s thinking ability and communication skills these types of exercises help later in life to be a good writer and communicator.

Magnetic Poetry can be done any where and any time. It is a fun way to start the day by moving the words around the fridge or in stressful situations it can be outlet to unwind. Besides being part of most English curriculum, poetry is a good activity to do to relive stress. It helps the writer to take time to reflect and meditate. Expressing the emotions in the moment in an artistic way. Children can channel their creativity and imagination by playing poetry games coming up with different combinations of words to create the verses. Playing with the words to form funny verses to make others laugh, there is so much a player can do with a set of words. Magnetic Poetry and similar poetry games bring endless opportunities for learning and having fun.

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