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The Ladybug Game

The Ladybug Game
  • Learn to read and count
  • Recognize colors
  • Building social skills

Anyone can create their own board game even a child. Well at least, that is what happened to Kaylie Copenhagen when she came up with the Ladybug Game. Many educators try to incorporate as many educational activities and games in their schoolings but its refreshing to have an educational game from a kid’s point of view. The inspiration for the game came from Kaylie’s interest for ladybugs and other gardening insects. Like many other board games, the Ladybug Game is designed to help children to read and count.

The game is simple: be the fist ladybug to get across the finish line to win. However, to get there the player faces many challenges that test their reading and counting skills. The players must read the ladybug cards that instruct the players to move ahead or backwards. The child has to count the spaces by either adding or subtracting which is a great for teaching basic math skills. Children benefit from the cards have a example to help them understand how to count the spaces. Also, the letters and numbers in the card are big and bold making it easier to read them out loud.

Another feature of board games is their use of colors which educators and parents apply to their lessons. Board games are great for children to learn and recognize colors. The Ladybug Game showcases the basic color in their cards, pawns, and board. And even the ladybug names allude to colors with names such as Ella Yellow and Olivia Orange. Parents can point at a particular color in the board and ask their kids questions to reinforce their color knowledge. And since the child is actively engage in the game, they respond positively to schooling.

Lastly, board game such as The Ladybug Game and others alike are great way for children to build up their social skills. In general, board games are great conversations starters, they open the space for laughter and healthy competition. A child learns to wait their turn and to win and lose gracefully. They will copy the behavior of other players practicing how to interact with others. Playing the Ladybug Game is great way to keep young children entertained while bonding with the other players. It is simple enough that they can follow even if they don’t know how to read yet but can learn during the process.

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