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Coder Mindz

Coder Mindz
  • Learn coding and programming concepts
  • Foster logical thinking and sequencing
  • Enhance strategic thinking and problem solving

Artificial Intelligence and coding sometimes are viewed as difficult subjects to comprehend however if taught from a young age these concepts become as common as a second language. At least, the inventors of the game, Coder Mindz learned basic coding and programming in their childhood, even more they are still kids. Samaira and her little brother decided to create a game based on what they learn from coding and programming to help others learn coding concepts while having fun. Coder Mindz and similar coding games are great introduction to science and technology as part of STEM learning. Players learn concepts and common practices of coding and programming. Expanding their vocabulary and knowledge while competing with others and testing their skills. Coding games keep everyone entertained and help players apply the skills they learn to real life.

Moreover, coding games fosters thinking skills. Besides coding games being a fun way to learn about how computers work, they are an activity that incentive people to think outside the box and challenge themselves. These types of games enhance problem solving by setting levels of difficulty. Helping children practice going step by step, analyzing their commands to move a piece of the board game. Examining if the coding sequence they create works. Children learn and practice the process of problem solving which is essential for learning and life. Furthermore, coding games are competitive. Prompting players to do different tactics to beat their opponents. Children enhance their strategic thinking as they work to earn points and do the most amounts of codes. In board games like Coder Mindz, there are resources players need to acquire while dogging the obstacles. It is a fun race where every move counts and players have to be careful about the code cards they play.

Coder Mindz and similar coding games are meant to be played by everyone. Enhancing critical thinking skills and stimulating one’s mind. These types of games require logical thinking and sequencing. Learning to organize random commands into a sequence that moves the pieces with ease avoiding obstacles. Repeating and making the codes longer to perform more than one action. Expanding the memory retention as players plan the codes before placing them in the board. Besides code games keeping players entertained, coding board games differ from playing on a computer or a tablet as board games exercise hand-eye coordination and spatial reasoning. Keeping children occupied with something else than computer or tablet. Plus, it is a social activity meant help players interact with one another. Coder Mindz and other coding games alike make impact on how people see and interact with programming and codes. Enjoying making the commands work.

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