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Rail Wreck

Rail Wreck
  • Learn to recognize colors and numbers
  • Foster matching skills and counting
  • Develop Strategic skills
  • Improve concentration

Learning and playing go hand in hand as many studies have found that children learn through play. It is a method that helps them familiarize with their surrounding and the world. Parents and educators use games as hands-on learning tools to help children pay attention to class and spark their curiosity. The child immersed in the game discovers and understands what the adults are trying to teach. Rail Wreck is one of those educational games that can be played at any time to spark children’s minds. Working on their concentration skills children listen carefully to the instructions as they play along. Learning to recognize their colors and numbers.

Rail Wreck and similar board games make learning an interactive experience. Introducing the basic colors, young children learn to identify the colors by matching trains with tracks. Helping children learn to categorize the objects based on their colors. It is common for toddlers to want to divide their toys based on colors, size, and shapes making sense of their surroundings. In games like Rail Wreck, the players have to order and regroup objects like trains from a common pile. This type of play helps develop their cognitive skills as they recognize the different colors in an exciting way.

Other ways parents and educators use educational toys such as Rail Wreck is to practice recognizing numbers and counting. Establishing their math foundation. Starting with developing matching skills, these games are designed to help set a foundation for math. In Rail Wreck and similar games, players match the color trains to the tracks exercising their matching skills. Also, players have to fill the entire train tracks to get bonus cards. While the player fills the tracks, they are counting practicing another math skill. Having fun playing with trains the child practices numbers and counting.

Most important, Rail Wreck and similar board games help children develop strategic skills. Like many other board games, Rail Wreck has different elements to the game to make it challenging. These types of games require players to exercise their thinking skills and do different tactics to win the game. Trying to get as many bonus cards to earn the most points. Deciding which player’s train to steal. Analyzing the board to make the plays. Rail Wreck and similar games teach children colors and numbers while also stimulating their minds. Gaining new concepts that help children advance in school engaging in educational games makes for a good time.

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