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Busytown, Eye Found It

Busytown, Eye Found It
  • Develops critical thinking skills
  • Builds confidence and communication skills
  • Fosters social skills
  • Helps observation skills

Inspired by the classic game I spy game comes Busytown Eye Found It board game that exercises everyone’s inner detective. It is important for children to be able to develop observational skills such as attention to detail and visual discrimination from an early age. They need these cognitive skills to be able to function in situations where many pieces are in play or a detailed eye is required. Busytown Eye Found It and other similar games are illustrated with many details and drawings that keep the eye captivated and intrigued. Children can solve the mystery of “Goldbug” card by finding the hidden object before the time runs out. I spy inspired board games are a fun way for children get to analyze and memorize the illustrations on the board exercising their minds.

Busytown Eye Found It and other cooperative board games are a good way to foster young child’s critical thinking. Board games are an add-on to reading and writing developing critical thinking by allowing the child to create strategies and use their problem-solving skills. Busytown Eye Found It and similar games require the players to think fast and come up with creative solutions. While playing children are given a goal and instructions similar to how lessons are structured. By transforming the exercises into a game makes it more entertaining and a fun time. Children get to be excited to play while their critical side of the brain are stimulated.

Furthermore, board games help children to be assertive. They help build their confidence to speak up and trust their instincts. Board games such as Busytown Eye Found It not only works on the mind but also the player’s self-esteem. Every player gets to have a voice and make their own decisions however they can still ask for help when needed. Talking to the other players and working together to reach the finish line. Working on their communication skills along the way board games give the space for dialogue and fun banter.

Usually studies are done independently therefore board games are great way to bring everyone together. Building a child’s social skills, they get to practice taking turns and following social norms. Busytown Eye Found It is a non-competitive game, like many other cooperative games, you win or lose as a group taking the pressure of individual challenge. These types of board games help teach in group settings where everyone is learning at the same time. Everyone can have fun looking for the Goldbug objects and spend quality time learning in the process.

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