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Dimpl Digits

Dimpl Digits
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Foster number recognition and counting
  • Early reading

Dimpl Digits is an educational toy for young children to learn numbers one to ten. Just like many other similar toys, Dimpl Digits teaches how to recognize numbers through play. Parents and educators integrate these types of toys to class to boost participation and engagement. Using toys as learning tools helps children understand and remember what they are being taught. During playtime or any other time of the day, these types of toys help keep the mind active. Stimulating a toddler’s math skills, they can practice number recognition and counting. Dimpl Digits and similar math toys are versatile hands-on learning tools. Parents and educators can use these toys to design different games as math exercises. For example, instructing the child to push the bubbles of a specific number or count the dots on the other side.

Another skill that is important to develop in early learning is fine motor skills. Playing with hands-on learning toys promotes hand-eye coordination, visual fine motor skills, and dexterity. Dimpl Digits and similar learning toys help exercise a child’s fine motor skills by making the child move their hands to push, pop, trace, and touch the bubble numbers. Children sense of touch is enhanced as they explore every surface of the toy. Feeling the different characteristics of the numbers and words in each petal, one side the numbers and the other dots. Just like popping bubble wrap, playing with these types of toys are a fun relaxing exercise that helps toddlers finger muscles get stronger. Also, keeping their hands busy which helps with concentration and listening skills.

Finally, Dimpl Digits and similar learning toys foster early reading. With the numbers of one side of the toy written in English and the other side in Spanish, young children associate the standard number to the written form. Helping them recognize the numbers one to ten in two different languages. Children who are exposed to reading in the early stages have an advantage later in life. Presenting reading exercises at a young age benefits the child when they go to school. Furthermore, being exposed to other languages exercises the brain and developing their cognitive skills at a faster rate. Dimpl Digits and similar games are visually pleasing and fun to play with. They are interactive and challenge young minds to think. Having a good time pushing down bubbles.

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