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Fun card games you can play with a 6 year old

Fun card games you can play with a 6 year old

Every 6 year old is full of curiosity and ready to learn something new. Playing new games with a 6 year old is one of the best ways to bond with them and teach them something new. Each time you teach your 6 year old a new game, you are testing their ability to listen, follow directions, take turns and more. While many people may think that a game is just a game, all games actually teach children about life. Simple games are able to teach children life long skills that they will never forget.

If you have a 6 year old, you know how important it is to always have a game to play with them. Life is unpredictable and entertaining a 6 year old can be a challenge. Keeping a set of cards in your car, pocket, purse or other location is a great way to stay prepared. Here are some of the best card games that you can play with a 6 year old.

#1) Go Fish

Go Fish is a classic childhood game that almost everyone in the country has played at one point or another. This game requires you to ask people if they have a certain card. You are able to ask people for a card and if they do not have it, you have to pick a random card from the pile.

This great game requires great thinking, listening and problem solving skills if you want to win the game. Children must pay attention to what every player in the game is asking for and what has not been asked for in a while. Once the player is all out of cards they win the game. This game can also help test a child’s winning and losing skills. It is important to teach your child not to be a “sore loser.”

#2) Uno

Uno is another very popular game. This game uses its own set of cards, rather than using a traditional sets of cards. Uno allows children to pick up cards, place them down and use special cards to help them win the game. This game can help 6 year olds count forwards and backwards. It also helps them learn their colors. Problem solving and critical thinking skills are at an all time high when playing this game.

#3) Matching / Memory

Another game that every 6 year old has likely played and loves playing is the matching game or Memory. This game can be played with a traditional set of cards or a unique game that you can purchase from almost any store. If you are really looking to make this game more fun, you can try making your own cards with your 6 year old. Try making different themed cards, like sea life, animals, transportation and more. Drawing and coloring your child’s favorite things on the cards will make the game even that much more fun.

#4) Old Maid

Another popular game for 6 year olds is Old Maid. This game features an old maid card in your set of cards. Players must take turns pulling cards out of the other players hand. Once all the cards are matched and laid down the player at the end who has the old maid card in their hand loses. This fun game requires problem solving skills and makes people really pay close attention to the hands and the cards within the hands.

#5) War

War is one of the most fun games you can play. As an added bonus, this game only requires two players. This game teaches children about the value of cards in the hand and gives them number sense to understand which numbers and cards are of higher value than others. This quick paced game can be played quickly or take a long time. It can be played almost anywhere and is a great game to play when you are bored and looking for something to do.

#6) Slap Jack

This is another popular card game that only requires two players, but it can be played with more. This game tests your child’s reflexes and makes them pay close attention to what they are doing. Players must slap the deck when a Jack is placed. This game will get your children excited about paying attention to the deck and help boost their energy levels. This game is a game that will build up adrenaline and make everyone excited to play again.

#7) Peanut Butter and Jelly

This is one of the most fun card games that people can play, even though it is not always the most popular game. This game requires an even number of players to play since it is played in teams. To play this game the team must come up with a signal for what they will use to play the game. Each player will try to get four of a kind in their hand and when they do they will signal to their partner. When the partner notices the signal they will yell peanut butter, but if the opponents notice the signal they will yell jelly. This is a very fun game that promotes teamwork, listening skills, and patience. It can help your children learn to pay close attention to detail and get them excited about being a part of a team. There are many different fun card games available for children of all ages, but these are some of the most popular and most fun games that children and adults can play together. While these games are designed to help children have fun, they can also teach children many life lessons and skills that they will need. These games can teach how to be a good winner and loser, patience, teamwork, listening skills, determination and more. Regardless of what game you decide to play with your 6 year old, it is important that you look and act excited to play. Their interest in the game will depend on your attitude and willingness to play along.

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