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The Slam Ships! Sight Words Game

The Slam Ships! Sight Words Game


  • Learning vocabulary and spelling
  • Word recognition skills
  • Building reading foundation

Learning how to read can be challenging and demands a lot of concentration. There are many visual resources and activities to help children learn to recognize and read words. A technique used by many teachers is the sight word game. They are a fun way to keep children invested and focused on class and learn new words. There are many varieties of sight words games that can be played anywhere not just in class, for example, The Slam Ships! Sight Words Game uses funny alien spaceships to compete in who can find the most amount of words in the fastest time. And like many other sight word games, The Slam Ships! divides the vocabulary in different level of vocabulary. From preschool to third grade level, it is a game that helps build a child’s vocabulary and spelling skills.

Another benefit of The Slam Ships! and other sight words games is that it develops word recognition skills. The players are not only trying to find the words but also, they are learning to understand their meaning. The goal of the game is for the child to be able to recognize the words in the chips when they are reading. Hearing and seeing the words builds up the child’s confidence in learning and recognizing new words. The Slam Ships! Sight Words Game and other similar games bring a fun element to word recognition exercises. When they find other challenging words while reading, a child can apply what they learned while playing the sight words games. It makes for better reading comprehension and vocabulary expansion. Building their word bank with key words.

Finally, all the vocabulary and word recognition in sight words games sets the foundation for reading. Some words are hard to learn phonetically that’s why sight words game such as The Slam Ships! are great for teaching children visually instead of listening to them phonetically. Helping to memorize those words that are hard to pronounce and fostering a child’s reading skills. Also makes their mind more agile to make connections and process words while reading. Helping them to read faster. The sights words game is a fun activity to boost children confidence in their reading skills and to create reading habits. With the silly alien spaceships, The Slam Ships! is a game that everyone can have fun time.

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